Updated a 25 year old home for today’s market

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Well my fit bit read 20,149 steps after staging yesterday’s home in Toms River New Jersey…This was a tough one as the home was filled with twenty-five year old furnishings and accessories. It is a 6 bedroom 4.5 bath home selling price $699,000. The Realtor wanted to get the listing up ASAP so click on link to see the before shots.. The home before staging

Every time I stage a home  a new lesson is learned and a  new entry in the contract…I’ll leave it at that…enough said here is the family room.




This is the feature room in the home, with  high vaulted ceiling with second and third floor views.  Two sliding doors to tired deck and back yard pool.  I went out on a limb and rented some artwork from a great artist located in Queens NY – here is her face book link Kimberly Abbott.  Both of her pieces are featured in this room.  Here is what the room looked like before ~


Next we will go into the dining area where we did a lot of changes – The home owner agreed to a new lighting fixture and the removal of the window treatment which helped update the room just in it self.  The art work that is above the buffet is also from Kimberly Abbott.  I wanted something abstract and not over bearing .



chandlierWe eliminated one leaf from the table to create a large flowing space in the dinning area.  Here is the before picture.

DSC_0057Onward to the living area ~ I removed the window treatments in this room also and opened the blinds for more light.  I removed one of the couches, a coffee table and end table along with a desk and chair.  Thank goodness for the help I had….Here is the living room now ~










pianoThe coffee table, end tables and rugs were added for a newer fresher look.  I added  other piece from Kimberly Abbotts collection near the piano for a pop of color.  Below is the before pictures of the living area~



I’ll just show you two more of the main rooms as this is a very large home and the blog would go forever!  I’ll bring you now into the master suite area….  We wanted to take the window treatment’s down however the homeowner did not want to remove due to the repairs that would be need to the window area after removal.





This was basic staging 101 ~ we just changed up the bedding added to accent pieces and it looks like a new room.  Here was the before


DSC_0071 DSC_0075


The master bath was a challenge as it was very dated ~ but I think we did the trick with some accessories what do you think?

Bathroom-Tub-areaLastly we will show you just a simple table setting we did to add some warmth to the kitchen area.




And before~

DSC_0062I hope you enjoyed our little photo journey through this fabulous home  in Toms River New Jersey.  Love to hear your feed back as it would help me continue to develop.  For more information on the products and vendors that I used see resources below.



Church Hill Furniture Rentals – Churchills

Listing Agent – Jacalyn Grieco – Heritage House Sotheby

Artist – Kimberly Abbott

Artist – Anthony Delia “Created to remind you, Inspired by exploring the space in-between “

/CP HARRIK/Jersey City

Assessories –  Creative Designs Inc.

Assessories – Home Goods

Lighting – Wayfair

Special thank you to the following people that helped this 9 hour project become a success!

Craig Kaas,   Brad Kaas and Sharon Gray!!





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