Recycle a unused cabinet

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I have  really super nice clients….they are so supportive and trusting in my choices and techniques used for their pieces.   Pat and Pete had this piece that they were not using….but they needed a place to hide a small television in their master bedroom.   First, I had the doors since before Easter of this year….Pat wanted me to draw some sea grass on the doors….What ever pattern I tried I just wasn’t liking it… So I came up with this stencil that seem to fit in proportionally to the cabinet doors ….. I didn’t show them before just afterwards…they were receptive… I went forward on the second door.   Then it was time to make some changes to the base cabinet……Pat left me with her ideas….and headed out the door to the beach…..I’m painting it but not really liking the results…I suggested an alternative plan….she said sure and  here is the end results…  Let me know what you think??


Last year I did this piece for them…it was a very plain armoire and we made it look crusty and old.








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