Our New Home

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Now that I am done with the re-branding and getting my website up and running its time to try to work on our new home.  We moved in two days before Christmas.  Since than I have not had too much time to dedicate to decorating my own home….

We are presently working on our dining room.  Below is a picture of the dining room. The dropped leaf table has traveled with me through many homes…but its not working in this home.  We decided to shop for a new set and found one at Restoration Hardware that fit our budget.  We added new shades and are awaiting  our custom made reversed pinched pleated drapes.  In order to save some money I’m going to keep the rods.  I’ll paint them and add a little gilding wax for a new look.  I found my chandeliers in Sausalito  California while on vacation.  We were walking buy and I knew as soon as I saw them…






Dining room table and server – Restoration Hardware

Paint Color – Benjamin Moore Straw Hat #270

Lighting – Bubble Street Gallery 

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