Outline S K ET C H U P T UT O R I A LWork Shop – Out LinePresented by Charles Messenger




By the end of this tutorial course you should expect to:

  • Have basic knowledge and understanding of SketchUp
  • Have the ability to produce basic SketchUp drawings
  • Have the ability to add design elements (furniture, color, accessories, etc) to your drawings
  • Use your final drawings for preliminary presentations

Week One ( January 26 & January 28 )       B A S I C S   -$120.00

  • See examples of Charles’ previous projects using SketchUp
  • (Presentation) Introduction to SketchUp: Basics
    • Basic tools and tool functions
    • Techniques
  • Make sure that everyone has SketchUp installed correctly and runs properly
  • (Class Work) Begin working with SketchUp
    • Draw floor plan and make plan 3-Dimensional
  • Homework #1: Draw specified plan in SketchUp and make plan 3-Dimensional

Week Two ( February 2 & February 4 )       A R C H IT E CT U R E – $120.00

  • (Presentation) Review basic tools / drawing techniques
  • (Presentation) Adding doors and windows
  • (Class Work) Adding doors and windows
    • Create door and window cut-outs
    • Place doors and windows in drawing
    • Use scale tool to edit door / window sizes
  • (Time Permitting) (Presentation) Adding base / crown molding / other features
  • (Time Permitting) (Class Work) Adding base and crown molding to drawing
  • Homework #2: (Specified plan continued)
    • Add door / window cutouts
    • Insert doors / windows
    • Insert base / crown molding

Week Three ( February 9 & February 11 )   C O L O R & T E XT U R E – $120.00

  • (Presentation) Adding color / texture to a space
    • Introduce Paint tool
  • (Presentation) Advanced colors / textures
    • Creating custom colors / textures using the Snipping Tool
    • Placing textures
    • Sizing / Scaling textures
  • (Class Work) Add color / texture to project
    • Add color to wall
    • Add color / texture to base / crown molding
    • Add texture to floor
  • (Class Work) Snipping Tool
    • Use Snipping tool to add custom colors / textures

– Add custom colors to walls, moldings, and flooring

  • Homework #3: (Specified plan continued)
    • Add color to walls, trims, and floor
  • Homework Challenge: use snipping tool to create your own unique texture
    • Use your unique texture somewhere in the space
  • Discuss SketchUp Rendering Tutorial at the end of this session

Week Four ( February 16 & February 18 )   P L A C I N G   F U R N IT U R E – $120.00

    • (Presentation) Adding furniture & accessories to drawing
      • Scaling furniture / accessories
      • Changing furniture or accessory color / texture
    • (Presentation) Adding light fixtures
      • Add light fixtures
      • Scaling fixtures
      • Editing fixture color / texture
    • (Class Work) Add furniture, accessories, and light fixtures to drawing
      • Edit colors / textures
  • Homework #4: (Specified plan continued) (Work on in class)
    • Add specified furniture to drawing
    • Add accessories
    • Edit colors / textures where necessary
  • Closing statements, final questions, comments and concerns will be discussed at the end of this session
  • Collection of fees for SketchUp Rendering Tutorial